What is CRM?  CRM is Customer Relationship Management, a system or set of systems to help manage customer/client communications. Many CRM packages integrate your SALES, MARKETING, SERVICING, AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT all into one shareable system to help automate your business processes.

Various CRM Applications fully integrate with QuickBooks® to make your Customer Relationship Management a breeze. You can manage leads, communications, and activities through their software application. Apps sync with QuickBooks customers, some also sync with vendors, Outlook emails, Google mail (gmail), and can share your data using web forms and portals on your website. With many CRM apps, you can assign tasks to other users on your team.  Staff can be utilizing contact data without having to be logged in to QuickBooks.  Authorized staff can share access to financial transactions and activity history. Helps with customer service and staff productivity as a tool to communicate with your customers and grow your business.

Some CRM’s can sync with your calendar such as Outlook and/or Google calendar. Some CRM’s permit the ability to provide portals on your website as a place where your contacts can ask questions, see past transactions, make payments, print existing invoices. CRM Web forms allow your potential customers to request product and service information from your website and instantly create a lead source for you, a sales opportunity,and a follow-up reminder to enhance flow of communication.

Assign appointments and follow-up activities to staff and external partners. In turn, they can assign or reassign activities to others. Follow-ups appear in each user’s dashboard until they are completed. Shared calendars allow you and your staff to see each others tasks and appointments, reassign and/or reschedule to another date. Shared access with staff for assigning tasks and follow-up activities remain in their screen until completed or reassigned, your staff can all be on the same page, thanks to shared access to financial transactions and activity history. When customers call in, your staff will have access to view communcation history. Great for customer service, great for staff productivity. When you add customers, modify invoices, or delete time tracking entries,  you receive updates to QuickBooks. Your web browser doesn’t even need to be on the same computer as QuickBooks.

As an Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor  I can assist you with CRM implementation and exploration of the various CRM applications and available options to work with your QuickBooks software. Together we can go over your current QuickBooks utilization compared with how you may want to provide for future growth by including your integration with CRM solutions, and how a Customer Relationship Management system could enhance various aspects of your business. For more information regarding your QuickBooks and integration with CRM, contact Kathy directly, Kathy(at) QBKathy (dot) com.

Kathy Hahn
Kathy Hahn

QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

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