Converting from QuickBooks for Mac 2015Due to the QuickBooks for Mac 2015 not working any longer, we utilized a free 30 day download for the QuickBooks for Mac 2016.  Then, when Intuit announced they would no longer be providing further versions for Mac, we had to make the decision of using parallels with the Mac so that the client could use the newer versions of QuickBooks for Windows, or making the conversion to the QuickBooks Online version. While converting to QuickBooks Desktop with Windows from QuickBooks for Mac 2015 or earlier versions, it is important to use the “save as Accountant file” so that the file will have a .qbb extension and will be able to be imported into the QuickBooks for Windows newer version.  After creating the .qbb file, it’s easy to import to the QuickBooks Desktop for windows version, just do restore company, restore the backup file, and you’re ready to go.

It may take some time for new users of the Desktop version to adapt from the differences in using the Mac, however with the online tutorials and the “help” menu section, it should be relatively painless, and the process should flow smoothly.  One issue of major importance when switching from the Mac version of QuickBooks is to perform regular backups on the QuickBooks Desktop for windows version, as the Mac version automatically backs the system up upon entering and/or exiting the company file.

Intuit has since revised their decision to retire QuickBooks for Mac, they will be providing a new 2019 version specifically for the Mac Desktop in September of 2018.

A very nice benefit of using the QuickBooks Desktop version with Windows, is the ability to change the screen border colors.  This is advantageous when the user has multiple data files within QuickBooks, the Mac version does not allow for this variation.  Different screen colored borders help to distinguish between the different companies particularly when changing back and forth among the different entities on a quick and constant basis. Also, a main difference is the “control” key on the keyboard is used in windows, not the “command” key as it is in the Mac version.

There are many other benefits in the QuickBooks Desktop for windows version as well.   I usually recommend going through the “new features” quick training which can be found at the top menu under the “help” section, at the far right on the menu bar.  Also, if needing help in any task in QuickBooks, you can just click on the “?” in the “Help” menu while in the desired screen needing help.  A popup window will appear and it will give options as how to proceed with the desired task.

QuickBooks Little Square for Mac tutorials has great help articles for the Mac, you can view them here .  Many QuickBooks users also go to YouTube for help in using QuickBooks.  There are many tutorials from experts who show how to use QuickBooks and they perform various tasks to help walk through processes.  Just go to the YouTube website at and type the word “QuickBooks” in the search bar, many QuickBooks help topics with videos will appear.  Another option is to go to the “QuickBooks Online Community” at to search for answers to questions.



Kathy Hahn
Kathy Hahn

QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor