In order to convert from Quicken to QuickBooks Desktop, check out the following article from the community site , it tells of the FAQS and requirements for the tool to work properly. We were converting from Quicken to QuickBooks but it needed another software to be installed too.

If you would like to convert from Quicken to QuickBooks Online version, check out this article from the QuickBooks community site:

When converting from Quicken to QuickBooks, we utilized the QuickBooks Conversion Tool, however much to our surprise, it gave 3 choices for additional accounting software to be installed prior to installing the QuickBooks Conversion Tool. We installed the Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 to meet the requirement in addition to QuickBooks which needed to be installed and registered (Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions 2014 or higher). This satisfied the requirements so that the QuickBooks Conversion Tool was able to be installed.

After the QuickBooks Conversion Tool was installed, then Quicken converted to the QuickBooks Desktop platform with all the historical data included. We’re using QuickBooks 2017 Premier.  There’s still some issues with the Chart of Accounts, however starting the new year fresh we were able to revise the chart of accounts and make it work.

Kathy Hahn
Kathy Hahn

QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor