What_is_a_lead_by_Kathy_Hahn_150x150_imageWhat is a lead?
A lead is someone who you may want to do business with in the future.  A lead is a prospective customer or client, it could be a person or a business.   Video explanation http://bit.ly/H1iT0w

What is a lead as a vendor? It may be a supplier or service provider who could help take your business to the next level, they have something valuable to offer.

What is a lead as an employee?  It’s someone with whom you’d like to further your relationship connect with for future collaboration, and possibly bring on to your team to provide valuable service to your business.

With CRM, you can capture information, data, follow-ups, and activities with customers.  CRM is also known as client and/or customer relationship management software.

These days, many CRM products also include a vendor connection in their stated source for a lead, they then refer to their product as Contact Relationship Management Software.   Within CRM, documentation of all communications and activities are recorded for future reference.  There are many new CRM products, most operate within the cloud, some are for desktop use.  They offer a variety of benefits and many CRM products offer an initial trial before purchasing.

What is a lead?  A connection with this person or business would bring value.  So valuable, that you may want to consider Contact Relationship Management Software also known as CRM to keep track of your valuable communications with this contact.Lets_Connect_Online

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Kathy Hahn

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